Invisible Dog Fence

Invisible Dog fences for sale is your trusted source for high-quality Invisible Dog Fences. Designed to offer your furry friends the freedom to roam while keeping them safely within the boundaries of your property, our Invisible Dog Fences are the perfect blend of safety and convenience.

Invisible Dog Fences work by transmitting a signal from a boundary wire or a central unit to your dog’s collar. When your pet approaches the defined boundary, the collar emits a warning sound followed by a harmless static correction if they continue, teaching your dog to stay within the safe zone.

Not only do our Invisible Dog Fences provide peace of mind for pet owners, but they also offer numerous benefits. They maintain the aesthetics of your property, are adaptable to any yard size or shape, and are perfect for locations where physical fences are not feasible or desirable.

Equip your home with an Invisible Dog Fence and give your pet the freedom they crave without compromising their safety. Don’t wait! Secure your pet’s freedom and your peace of mind today. Shop now at and experience the difference an Invisible Dog Fence can make!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Ideal Invisible Dog Fence for your Furry Friend


Ever worried about your dog's safety while you're away? Want to ensure they're secured without having to cage them? An invisible dog fence might be the solution you're looking for. This comprehensive guide will help you understand invisible dog fences and how to select the best one for your furry friend.

What is an Invisible Dog Fence?

Understanding Invisible Dog Fences

An invisible dog fence, also known as a pet containment system, is a device that keeps your dog within a defined boundary without the need for a physical fence or wall.

The Working Mechanism of Invisible Fences

Invisible dog fences work via a transmitter that sends radio signals to a receiver collar worn by your dog. If your dog attempts to cross the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound followed by a mild static correction, discouraging them from moving further.

Why Use an Invisible Dog Fence?

Safety for Your Dog

The foremost reason for using an invisible dog fence is to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. Dogs, being naturally curious and playful, can easily wander off if not appropriately contained. An invisible fence keeps them within a designated safe zone, preventing them from straying into dangerous areas such as busy roads or unfamiliar territories.

Invisible fences provide dogs with the freedom to run, play, and explore within a defined boundary. Unlike traditional fences, there are no opportunities for your pet to jump over, dig under, or break through an invisible fence. Also, it protects your pet from other potentially aggressive animals that could enter your property.

Flexibility of Invisible Fences

Invisible fences offer an unmatched level of flexibility. Unlike traditional fences, they are not constrained by the physical layout of your property. Do you have an irregularly shaped yard or unique landscape features you want to preserve? No problem! Invisible fences can be custom-fit to match any yard size or shape.

This type of flexibility is especially beneficial if you want to restrict your dog from accessing specific areas within the property, like a swimming pool, garden, or a kid's play area. Also, invisible fences can be easily adjusted or extended if you decide to change the layout or size of the containment area.

Aesthetics and Landscape

One of the significant advantages of an invisible dog fence is that it's virtually undetectable. Traditional fences can sometimes be an eyesore and detract from the overall look and feel of your property. They can also obstruct the beautiful views you might have from your home.

With an invisible dog fence, there's nothing to disrupt your landscape or block your view. It allows you to maintain the natural beauty of your property while ensuring your dog's safety and freedom. This characteristic makes invisible fences an ideal choice for homeowners who are particular about their home's curb appeal and those living in areas with fencing restrictions.

To conclude, using an invisible dog fence not only keeps your beloved pet safe but also provides a range of benefits that traditional fencing methods can't match. Its flexibility and minimalistic presence while still ensuring the safety and containment of your dog make it a valuable investment for pet owners.

Types of Invisible Dog Fences

Wired Invisible Fences

A wired invisible fence, often referred to as an in-ground fence, involves burying a wire around the perimeter of your property or designated area where you want to contain your dog. This wire acts as an antenna, carrying a signal from a transmitter to a receiver on your dog's collar.

The signal creates a defined boundary for your pet. If your dog gets close to the boundary, the collar will give a warning sound. If the dog proceeds further towards the edge, it will receive a mild static correction, encouraging it to stay within the set boundaries.

The major advantage of wired fences is the flexibility they offer. You can shape the containment area to any form you wish, which is beneficial if you want to keep your dog out of specific areas like gardens, pools, or children's play areas.

Wireless Invisible Fences

Unlike wired fences, wireless invisible dog fences don't require any physical installation of wires. Instead, they operate using a central transmitter that creates a circular containment area around it. Your dog's collar acts as the receiver, and similar to the wired fence, it gives off a warning beep and a static correction if your dog strays beyond the set boundary.

Wireless fences are incredibly easy to set up. You just place the transmitter, set the radius of your containment area, and the system is ready to use. However, they offer less customization because the boundary shape is always circular and cannot be changed to exclude specific areas within that circle.

GPS Invisible Fences

GPS invisible fences are the latest addition to the world of pet containment systems. They work by using global positioning system (GPS) technology to establish virtual boundaries.

These systems are usually completely wireless, requiring no installation of physical wires or transmitters. The GPS coordinates define your containment area. The dog's collar communicates with the GPS to continually assess the dog's location. If your dog approaches the set boundary, the collar will activate, emitting a warning sound followed by a static correction, if necessary.

GPS invisible fences are particularly beneficial for very large properties or for people who travel a lot with their pets as they can create a containment area wherever they go. However, they require a good GPS signal to work properly, and they don't allow for boundary customizations around specific areas like gardens or pools within the larger boundary.

In conclusion, the type of invisible dog fence you choose should depend on your specific needs and circumstances such as the size and layout of your property, the temperament and breed of your dog, and your lifestyle.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Invisible Dog Fence

Size and Breed of Your Dog

The size and breed of your dog are significant factors to consider when choosing an invisible dog fence. Different breeds have different temperaments and levels of sensitivity. Smaller dogs or those with a more sensitive nature might not require a system with high correction levels. On the other hand, larger breeds or stubborn ones might need a system with a stronger static correction to get their attention. It's always recommended to consult with a professional or your vet to ensure you're choosing the right system for your particular dog.

Area of Coverage

The size of the area you wish to secure for your dog also plays a big role in the type of fence you should choose. If you have a small to medium-sized yard, most standard systems should suffice. However, for larger properties, you'll need a system specifically designed to cover more extensive areas. For instance, GPS fences are often used for very large properties because they can provide virtually limitless coverage.

Quality and Durability

When investing in an invisible dog fence, you want to ensure it will last. The transmitter, receiver collar, and wires (if applicable) should all be of high quality and capable of withstanding various weather conditions. The collar should be sturdy enough to resist your dog's daily activities, and ideally, it should be waterproof.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation might also be a deciding factor for you. Wireless and GPS fences are generally easier to install, as they require no physical installation—just set up the transmitter, and you're good to go. In contrast, in-ground fences offer greater customization in setting boundaries but require more effort to install because you'll need to bury wires in your yard.

Additional Features

Extra features can significantly enhance the functionality and convenience of your invisible dog fence. For example, systems with adjustable correction levels allow you to tailor the static correction to your dog's sensitivity and temperament. A fence with a battery backup is helpful if you experience frequent power outages. Waterproof collars are beneficial for dogs who love to play in the rain or swim. Some systems may also come with training aids, which can be useful if this is your first time using an invisible fence.

In conclusion, choosing the right invisible fence for your dog requires considering the unique needs and characteristics of your pet, as well as the specific requirements of your property. With these considerations in mind, you can select the ideal solution that will provide safety and freedom for your furry friend.

How to Train Your Dog to Understand the Invisible Fence

The effectiveness of an invisible fence largely relies on proper training. Teaching your dog to understand and respect the boundaries of the invisible fence is crucial. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with this process:

Step 1: Setting up the Flags

Start by installing the training flags around the perimeter of the invisible fence. These flags serve as visual cues for your dog to recognize the boundaries. The flags should be placed at the point where your dog's receiver collar starts to beep.

Step 2: Introduction to the Boundary

Put your dog on a leash and walk them around the boundary. As you approach the boundary and the receiver collar beeps, give a gentle tug on the leash and command your dog to move away from the boundary. Reinforce this action with treats and praise to associate moving away from the boundary with positive reinforcement.

Step 3: Training with Distractions

Once your dog understands the concept of the boundary, test their knowledge by creating distractions. For example, have a family member stand on the other side of the boundary or throw a toy or treat across the boundary line. If your dog resists the temptation and stays within the boundary, reward them with treats and praise. If they cross the boundary, they'll receive a mild static correction, prompting them to retreat.

Step 4: Off-Leash Training

Once your dog consistently respects the boundary even with distractions, you can begin off-leash training. Supervise their playtime but give them the freedom to explore the boundaries on their own.

Step 5: Removal of Flags

After several weeks of successful training, you can begin to remove the flags, starting with every other flag, then gradually all of them. By this time, your dog should be fully aware of the boundary, even without the visual aid of the flags.

Training your dog to understand the invisible fence requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. The duration of the training can vary from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your dog's breed, temperament, and learning speed. Remember, the goal is to make your dog associate the warning beep with the need to retreat from the boundary. Your patience and effort during this training period will ensure a safe and happy environment for your furry friend.


Choosing the right invisible dog fence requires a thoughtful consideration of various factors, including the breed and size of your dog, the area to be covered, and the type of fence that best fits your needs. With the right choice, you can provide a safe and free environment for your furry friend to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the static correction from an invisible fence harmful to my dog?

No, the static correction emitted by an invisible fence is not harmful to your dog. The primary function of this correction is to act as a deterrent, not a punishment. It’s akin to the static shock you might feel from touching a doorknob after walking on a carpet — surprising, but not harmful. The correction level in most fences is adjustable, so you can set it to the level that is most appropriate for your dog's size, breed, and temperament.

Can I use an invisible fence for other pets?

Invisible fences are primarily designed for dogs, but they can be used for other pets like cats, provided the correction levels are suitable and the collar fits properly. However, it's always best to consult with the manufacturer or a veterinary professional before using an invisible fence for other pets to ensure it's safe and appropriate for their size and breed.

How long does it take to train a dog to understand an invisible fence?

The amount of time it takes to train a dog to understand the invisible fence can vary. On average, with consistent training, it typically takes between 2-3 weeks for a dog to fully grasp the concept. However, some dogs may take a bit longer, depending on their breed, age, and temperament. Patience and consistency are key to successful training.

Can I install an invisible fence myself?

Yes, most invisible fence kits are designed for DIY installation and come with comprehensive instructions. Wireless and GPS fences are relatively straightforward to install, but wired or in-ground fences may require more effort, including digging to bury the wires. If you're not comfortable with this, you might consider hiring a professional to install it.

Can an invisible fence work for a large property?

Absolutely. Many invisible fence systems are designed to cover large areas, and some can even cover up to 100 acres or more. However, for extremely large properties, you might need a system specifically designed for such coverage or consider using multiple transmitters. GPS-based systems are often preferred for very large properties due to their virtually unlimited coverage area.