SureFeed Pet Feeders

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  • SureFeed – Microchip Cat Feeder


    The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder is a convenient and reliable way to keep your cat’s food fresh. Waggs Pet Shop guarantees quality and durability with this product. This feeder is designed to keep out other animals and pests, ensuring your pet gets the food they need. The microchip technology helps to activate the feeder when your pet is nearby, and our product is perfect for pet owners who need to control their cat’s food intake.

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  • SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl


    Make mealtime cleaner and more hygienic with the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl from Waggs Pet Shop. Our pet bowl features a motion-activated lid that opens to reveal your pet’s food and closes after they finish eating, keeping the food fresh and free from flies and other pests. Ideal for both wet and dry food, our bowl is designed to prevent spills and messes while also reducing pet food odors. Its innovative design ensures that your pet’s food remains fresh and hygienic for longer, making it a must-have for passionate pet owners. Order your SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl today and give your pet the mealtime experience they deserve!

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