Invisible Dog Fence

How an Invisible Dog Fence Can Help Contain Your Dog

Invisible Dog Fences are becoming more and more popular as a means to keep your dogs and even cats inside your property or out of areas where your pets are not allowed.


There are 2 types of invisible dog fences

Wired Pet Fence

The first is a Pet Containment System where a wire is buried around your property (if you want to keep your pets inside the property) or around the area you want to keep your pets out of, like a flower bed or certain section of your garden. The wire is used to transmit a weak radio signal which is picked up by the dogs radio receiver collar.

Your dog is fitted with a receiver collar which is activated when your dog nears the buried wire which is transmitting the signal. Once triggered the static radio collar activates a series of corrections starting with audible cues, vibration stimulation and finally a gentle static stimulation or correction which startles the dog.

With a bit of basic training your dog will associate the unpleasant static correction with the no-go areas and in so doing keep them inside your property or out of no-go areas. Flags are supplied with the Petsafe In-Ground Radio Fence which are placed along the no-go boundaries serving as visual markers for the dog and are especially useful when training your dog where these no-go boundaries are.


Wireless Pet Fence

The Wireless Pet Fence is the latest in invisible dog fence technology and has just recently been introduced into South Africa by Petsafe. The PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence Containment System works by constantly emitting a wireless signal creating a circular “safe zone” the size of which is determined by the strength of the Wireless Dog Fence radio signal.

By increasing the strength of the wireless pet fence signal you increase the distance the radio frequency is transmitted, making the “Safe Zone” bigger in which your dog or pets can roam.

Decreasing the strength of the signal decreases the size of the “Safe Zone”. Depending on the size of your property or the area you wish to contain your dogs you will adjust the strength of the invisible dog fence.

Your dog wears a Radio Receiver Collar which is constantly receiving the signal from the wireless dog fence transmitter while in the “Safe Zone”. As soon as your dog ventures too far beyond the reach of the wireless pet fence signal, outside of the “Safe Zone”, the radio receiver collar activates and triggers a sequence of corrections starting with audible cues, vibration stimulation and if the dog still does not retreat then finally a gentle static correction alerting your dog that it must retreat back into the “Safe Zone”.

With some basic training you can teach your dog the boundaries of the “Safe Zone” and this is done with the Flag Kit which serves as a visual marker for your dog when teaching them where the “Safe Zone” boundaries are.


Waggs Recommends the Petsafe Invisible Dog Fences

At Waggs Online Pet Shop we recommend either the Petsafe In-Ground Radio Pet Fence or the Petsafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence Containment System both of which are extremely effective.

The Petsafe In-Ground system is better suited to properties where you have exact areas you wish to keep your dogs in or out of as you can lay the wire exactly on the edge of these areas.

The Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence suites larger properties or gardens where it is not possible to lay a wire. The Petsafe Wireless Fence System is also a lot easier to configure as you do not have to worry about placing a physical wire. You also don’t run the risk of the wire ever breaking which is possible when digging in your garden.

Both invisible dog fence systems have their advantages but are equally effective in keeping your dogs inside your property or out of no-go areas.


Our Own Experience using the Petsafe Wireless Fence System

We can speak from experience having a smallholding which is not fenced in. We installed the Petsafe In-Ground Dog Fence System and placed the wires along the edge of the property. We have 2 Boerboel Dogs (Roxy and Leeutjie) and over a period of 2 – 3 days we slowly introduced them to the no-go boundaries using the Flag Kit as visual aids.

It was amazing to witness how quickly they learned the concept and they never dare to cross this invisible dog fence boundary.

We have people, horses, dogs, geese and even sheep walking past the property and the dogs just lie within the invisible boundary looking at the passers by, but our dogs will not go beyond the invisible dog fence.

Our neighbours can’t believe it, they think we have most well trained and well behaved dogs.