Dog Training Collars

How Remote Dog Training Collars or E-Collars Help You Train Your Dog

Remote Dog Training Collarswhen used correctly are an excellent dog training aid when teaching your dog obedience or to stop misbehaviour.


How E-Collars Work

A Remote Training Collar consist of a Handheld Remote which when a button is pressed transmits a radio signal to the receiving E-Collar around the dog’s neck. When you push a button on the remote trainer the E-Collar is triggered and the dog receives a static stimulation also referred to as a correction. The static correction interrupts the dogs current behaviour getting his attention which then gives you the opportunity to communicate to the dog.

It is important when using the Remote Dog Trainer that you communicate clearly and consistently each time you trigger the E-Collar. Your dog will learn to listen to you when giving him clear consistent instructions.


What Can You Teach Your Dog With a Remote Training Collar

Remote Dog Trainers are an effective way to teach your dog basic commands such as Sit, Stay and Come also known as Recall. It is important for all dogs to have a strong Recall and an E-Collar is a great training aid to develop the dogs Recall.

An E-Collar can be used as a dog training aid to prevent dangerous and mischievous behaviours such as chasing, digging and chewing. For On-Leash training you can teach your dog not to pull on the lead.

To train your dog Off-Leash, a Remote Dog Training Collar is a game changer. You can command and correct your dog up to 1km distance away. E-Collars are very popular and effective way to train hunting dogs. Hunters can command their dogs from a distance during a hunt or should the dog run off after their quarry the dog training can Recall their hunting dog. If you want to traing your hunting dog take a look at the SportDog Remote Dog Training Collars.


There are 5 Types of Remote Dog Training Collars or E-Collars

You can choose from Static, Spray, Vibration and just Tone training E-Collars.

The Petsafe Static E-Collar when triggered gives the dog a static stimulation or correction. The Petsafe Remote Spray Collars spray a harmless liquid when triggered and these can be scented or unscented. The Petsafe Vibration Collars vibrate randomly when triggered and are less intrusive than the spray or static collars. A Tone Dog Training Collar just issues a sound to alert the dog.

Some Remote Dog Training Systems allow you to train 2 dogs at the same time using the same remote. Button A is for Dog A, and button B is for Dog B. So you have a single remote and 2 dog training collars.

At Waggs Online Pet Shop we offer two of the worlds best brands when it come to Remote Dog Training Systems which are Petsafe and SportDog.

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Note We do not recommend using Remote Training Collars to teach your dog not to bark. We have bark collars which are specially designed to stop dogs barking. You can view them on our Bark Control Collars page.