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Animal Gear


Animal Gear are the South African importers and distributors of the popular Animal Gear Motion Activated Water Scarecrow.

The Animal Gear Motion Activated Water Scarecrow is a motion activated sprinkler that scares guinea fowl, hadida, birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, pests and even human intruders, keeping them out of your garden.

The Water Scarecrow silently senses movement which activates a high pressure burst of water for 3 seconds over a 10m distance scaring the living daylights out of anything in the vacinity. After several seconds the sprinkler is ready to scare the next intruder.

It only uses 2 to 3 cups of water per deterrence which makes it waterwise. Water is only sprayed over the area that is to be protected and this you easily set yourself.

The Animal Gear Water Scarecrow is easy to install and move. You can connect several Water Scarecrows by daisy-chaining them enabling you to create an effective water barrier covering a large area as required.

It is solar powered so no need for expensive batteries. This also prevents flat battery scenarios, so the Water Scarecrow is always on standby without fail. Birds, dogs, cats, pests and even human intruders you want to deter from your garden get such a fright they quickly leave the area and best of all, pests learn to avoid the area in future.

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