Why You Must Have an Automatic Pet Feeder

Why You Must Have an Automatic Pet Feeder

The benefits of an automatic pet feeder are plenty. With our busy lifestyles many pet owners are turning to pet feeders to ensure their dogs and cats are fed fresh food regularly and receive the correct portions.

If you are considering buying an automatic pet feeder then these benefits will convince you to go ahead and buy one.


With an automatic pet feeder you no longer have a situation where you have to dish out a days worth of food into the feeding bowl and having it stand around all day collecting germs and bacteria.

The food is kept freshly sealed and contained in the pet feeder until it is time to dispense a portion of food at which time your dog or cat will consume the entire portion of food.


Pets enjoy consistency and a regular feeding schedule keeps them healthy. You are able to set the automatic pet feeder to dispense controlled portions of food at set times, thus controlling their intake and enabling you to manage their weight.

They will not overeat. They will not gulp down their food, which can cause gastric torsion in larger dogs, as they are being fed regularly throughout the day keeping them comfortably full. Being in a consistent set routine helps relax your pet.


Simply set it and forget it. Gone are the days where you have to put out pet food several times a day. Depending on the particular pet feeder, you may only have to add food to the feeder once a day or only every three or four days.

For working pet owners an automatic pet feeder is essential to ensure your pets are well fed throughout the day.

If you plan to go away for a few days (we do not recommend leaving pets totally unattended for any length of time) you can set the pet feeder knowing your pet will be fed regularly during that time. If you have a pet sitter (recommended), they can top up the feeder when they pop in and do their checks.


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