How Ultrasonic Bark Control Devices Can Help Control Your Dogs Barking

How Ultrasonic Bark Control Devices Can Help Control Your Dogs Barking

Are you considering an ultrasonic bark control device to help control your dogs barking?
These bark deterrent solutions are great at attracting your dog’s attention and thus interrupting their barking with the use of high frequency ultrasonic sounds that only dogs can hear.

When your dog’s barking fit starts these anti barking devices are triggered to produce an ultrasonic high pitch sound that only dogs can hear. Human’s ears are not sensitive enough to pick up the sound.

Using an ultrasonic bark control device is completely safe and will not hurt or damage the dog's sense of hearing. It is an annoying sound for the dog and is designed to attract their attention and disrupt your dog from barking.

Teaching your dog how to stop barking can be frustrating or near impossible if you try it without the aid of a bark control solution. We know the importance of creating a good relationship with your dog. I am sure you love your dog and would never want to hurt him in any way, ultrasonic bark control devices are completely harmless.

With the help of ultrasonic bark control devices which automatically catch your dog in the act of barking and disrupt their barking they learn to associate the irritating sound with the bark and in so doing it breaks their habitual barking.

At Waggs Online Pet Shop we have 2 types of ultrasonic bark control devices namely the bark control collars and the outdoor and indoor ultrasonic units.

The Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control Device is a portable device that you can place anywhere within 15m of where your dog tends to bark. It’s effective operating range being 15m. It is weatherproof and will withstand use outside. Perfect if you have a few dogs. It is also a popular option if you have neighbours whose dogs bark too much. You can place this bark control device in their proximity and in so doing stopping your neighbours dogs from barking.

The Petsafe Indoor Bark Control Device is designed for use in the home. It consists of 2 portable devices which you can place strategically indoors. In addition to automatically detecting barking and activating, it also allows you to manually trigger the ultrasonic deterrent sound should you wish to train for other bad behaviours. No you can finally have peace and quiet inside and outside your home.

The Petsafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar is a lightweight collar that will activate whenever your dog barks. Consider the bark collar over the outdoor or indoor units if you have a large property where the range of the indoor and outdoor units are not effective (15m).